A Message For Santa
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Emily loves Christmas, but there is something about it which makes her heart sink, and that something is Santa Claus. Emily wants to block up the chimney to prevent Santa entering the house. But her mum inspires her to find another solution. Eventually, Emily writes Santa a note, telling him to come in through the back door, and go no further than the kitchen table! Afterwards, Emily is so pleased with Santa that she decides that from now on, he may enter the house, and even take a nap on the sofa if he is tired.

Hiawyn Oram always writes about important subjects close to children's hearts, and A Message For Santa will strike a chord with many children who are scared of Santa. Tony Ross breaks new ground with his outstanding illustrations.

  •  Paperback | 32 pages
  •  24 x 24cm | 0.16kg
  •  01 Nov 2008
  •  London, United Kingdom